Investing Expertise.
Building Partnerships.


we look like lenders

we behave like investors

F3C seeks to invest in companies at an inflection point. We help companies address capital, strategic and growth challenges. At times of transition, they aren’t where they were, but they’re not quite where they want to be. Our team provides expertise with an engineer’s approach to building sound financial structures. We look beyond spreadsheets to create a partnership focused on enhancing growth and value creation.


“We're focused on building relationships. We invest in people, not just organizations.”

jason block  |  partner & cio

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Freedom 3 At the Core

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Like an equity investor, we seek to understand the business drivers of a company.

We’re thorough. We look at every aspect of a prospective investment. We analyze dozens of opportunities for each one we select. Our process affords us the freedom to learn about an industry, company and the people involved and gives us the ability to create a valuable partnership with our portfolio companies.          


We take integrity seriously.

We’re straight up with our partners and our portfolio company stakeholders from Day 1. There are no hidden agendas, no hidden fees. We want everyone on the same page because both our business and our reputation are based on building strong relationships, as well as strong returns.


We look for the win-win.

Whether up front or along the way, inevitably there are bumps in the road. When we see challenges on the horizon, we take a proactive and pragmatic approach. We roll up our sleeves and work as a team to find the solution. Our goal is for all parties to be aligned in effort and in outcome.


A private equity approach to credit investing.